Honey, I shrunk democracy

2023-01-04T09:04:46+01:00Wed, 4th Jan '23, 09:04|

Robert Abela is going ahead with his threat. Read my comments from when Robert Abela first warned the opposition that they either agreed with his choice of Commissioner for Standards in Public Life or he’d change the law to go ahead and appoint his choice without their help. I will not repeat the objections to [...]

Bismarck’s sausages

2023-01-04T10:00:07+01:00Wed, 4th Jan '23, 08:48|

Bismarck said there are two things the public should never be allowed to see being made: sausages and laws. He served as a chancellor where the head of state was chosen by inheritance, a fact that would cost him his job. But if he saw the way heads of state were made in Malta, he’d [...]

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