Does Joe Portelli know?

2023-01-29T11:16:19+01:00Sun, 29th Jan '23, 11:16|

Here’s some free tax advice. If you get yourself registered with the MFA as a football player, whether on a full-time (pro) or a part-time (semi-pro) basis, the money you earn is taxed at an attractively low 7.5%. That’s not just for your salary, mind you. Whatever allowances, bonuses, and special payments you get from [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Blue and green must never be seen

2023-01-29T07:18:44+01:00Sun, 29th Jan '23, 07:18|

From my article in The Sunday Times: "The strategy document says we will have cleaner air and a “net zero” economy, which means our carbon footprint will be nothing or less. Yet, the document says the government will be looking to increase flights in and out of Malta. "And the document does not say the [...]

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