Is it Dress Down Thursday in Castile?

2023-01-19T14:28:18+01:00Thu, 19th Jan '23, 14:28|

Quite apart from the morbid gift delivered by a delegation of well-dressed bird-killers, why is the prime minister in his casuals at his office? If anyone visited the prime minister in the office of the country's chief executive wearing those clothes, you'd have to call them rude. If the prime minister is the one that [...]

Wizened old Labourites

2023-01-20T08:21:23+01:00Thu, 19th Jan '23, 12:56|

Increasingly, there’s a generational moral disassociation happening within the Labour front. It’s not new. Dom Mintoff repudiated his predecessor vehemently, even violently. Alfred Sant took a platform to call Dom Mintoff a traitor of the Labour movement and that's after presenting himself as the polar opposite of Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici. Joseph Muscat accused Alfred Sant [...]

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