Malta ranks as one of the 10 worst countries in the world for expats to settle in according to the Expat Insider survey released by global expat community website Internations.

The survey reflects the judgement of expats themselves and the ratings they give of their experience in the country they have move to.

Of the surveyed nations, Malta is one of the worst countries worldwide in terms of the quality of life it offers expats living here. Of 52 surveyed countries Malta has one of the worst environments and the leisure options and travel and transit options available here are among the least attractive in countries surveyed.

Malta doesn’t make it easy to help expats settle in. It ranks low in its welcoming culture, and the country is rated ‘unfriendly’ and a place where it is hard to find friends.

Job security in Malta ranks high but expats report mediocre career prospects and job satisfaction while working here.

Malta is ranked by expats as having the worst public administration in the world. Expats find it harder to deal with Maltese bureaucracy than the government of any other surveyed country. It’s also particularly hard to get a bank account in Malta, to get an internet connection to your home if you’re an expat, or to get a visa to move here.

Estonia is the only EU country in the top ten destinations for expats. Though not as harshly critical as they are of Malta, expats also complain about struggling with language and public administration in France, Italian bureaucracy, and dealing with housing shortages and the language in Germany.