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Gozitan voters file court action against PN: ‘Cancel Jean-Pierre Debono’s co-option’

2019-06-03T10:23:07+02:00Mon, 3rd Jun '19, 10:23|

Two Gozitan voters have filed a judicial protest against the Nationalist Party calling on them not to co-opt Jean Pierre Debono to the Parliamentary seat vacated by David Stellini. The voters, Mariella Mercieca and Daniel Cilia, said in their letter that the vote on Saturday morning that chose Jean Pierre Debono over Gozitan candidate Kevin [...]

Co-opting the Doge

2022-01-03T16:12:20+01:00Mon, 3rd Jan '22, 16:12|

I agree with this blogpost by Desmond Zammit Marmarà who expressed disgust on Newsbook at the cynical use of the ‘co-option’ formula to smuggle unelected people into Parliament. He explains the procedure and its misuse well, so read his article for background. I have also commented in the past (here’s a collection) particularly on the [...]

PODCAST: It’s not about ‘deserve’

2021-01-14T08:18:13+01:00Thu, 14th Jan '21, 08:18|

Manuel Delia · It's Not About 'deserve' Robert Abela appears to have picked the chairman of the commission that protects the interests of persons with disability to fill the seat vacated first by Edward Scicluna and then, in record time, by Gavin Gulia. The gentleman has never been openly partisan though he’s been part of [...]

GUEST POST: Revisiting representative democracy

2020-12-22T08:24:34+01:00Tue, 22nd Dec '20, 08:24|

Here are my reflections on how participatory and deliberative measures across political society could complement a revisited representative democracy in our country. Modern democracy could be termed as a “government by discussion” when public speaking and voting for representatives are the only direct formal rights adult citizens are entitled to. Paradoxically, the only moment the [...]

Parliamentary obscurities

2020-10-14T14:53:39+02:00Wed, 14th Oct '20, 14:24|

Raphael Vassallo interviewed Adrian Delia and published the exchange last Sunday. In the interview Raphael Vassallo asked Adrian Delia how he feels about me saying he should resign from Parliament. It was a strange question to ask if Raphael Vassallo was referring to what I wrote about what Adrian Delia should do after losing the [...]

PODCAST: That’s not all folks

2020-10-06T14:47:21+02:00Tue, 6th Oct '20, 14:04|

Manuel Delia · That's not all folks Beneath the commonplace charm which many seemed to find appealing, Joseph Muscat is a bitter, small man with a chip on his shoulder the size of a boulder and the emotional complexity of Wile E. Coyote: self-proclaimed super genius, excited by his own cunning and surprised by the [...]

Electoral roll in a state of flux

2019-07-10T17:47:14+02:00Wed, 10th Jul '19, 17:47|

In their letter to the Chairman of the PN’s Executive Committee, petitioners demanding a confidence vote in Adrian Delia complained they were told yesterday that the list of the members of the General Council eligible to vote on the motion at the next Council was not frozen on the day the motion was filed — [...]

Two leaders. One goose-step.

2019-06-10T07:29:52+02:00Mon, 10th Jun '19, 07:29|

Remarks by the two party leaders yesterday had one common underlying theme, if you look close enough. They both want us to march in their platoon, but it’s really one tune they’re playing. Consider how Joseph Muscat yesterday said he was worried dissent within the PN might mean he would not secure the two-thirds majority [...]

GUEST POST: The Good Surgeon

2019-06-06T10:04:48+02:00Thu, 6th Jun '19, 10:04|

Sent in by a regular contributor. Whether they like it or not, the Nationalist Party is stuck with Adrian Delia’s clan like the paralysed side of a stroke patient. Adrian Delia will leave on his own terms, when he wants to, not when 100% of the Nationalist electorate tells him to. It’s useless for the [...]

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