Administrators of injustice

2017-10-02T13:42:59+02:00Mon, 2nd Oct '17, 13:41|

The Chief Justice did not have to deliver the speech he delivered today. He chose to because he wanted to. As the principal defender of the rule of the law of the land his words are not an ordinary opinion like mine or the next guy’s. If the lead judge thinks the state of affairs [...]

The Bangemann syndrome

2017-10-02T09:12:46+02:00Mon, 2nd Oct '17, 09:12|

No one suggests it was not tough for Deborah Schembri to get back on her feet when she was not returned to government at the June elections. The fact of the matter is our country drops its public servants like hot metal. In a democracy no politician can expect job security. The people hire and [...]

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