Requiem for a dream

2017-10-08T20:13:27+02:00Sun, 8th Oct '17, 19:37|

The findings of the Malta Today survey need many a spoonful of sugar to go down the throat of anyone who wants the present government kept in check. Its excesses went uncontrolled when it was opposed by a principled opposition with a remote chance of damaging it in the polls. It has now been replaced [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: On economic bubbles

2017-10-08T09:35:53+02:00Sun, 8th Oct '17, 09:35|

From my The Sunday Times article today: "Our current economic boom, in all sectors of activity – construction being but one example – is in and of itself a bubble. All of it. And it is fuelled by the speculative and completely misguided notion that the fiscal exceptions we secured in 2004 will still be [...]

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