Stand up to be counted

2017-10-16T18:16:34+02:00Mon, 16th Oct '17, 18:16|

Daphne is never coming back. But we are left here. This country and this democracy is what we are left with. Living among us are people who think they can get away with murdering a journalist. They think so because of the things Daphne Caruana Galizia explained to us so clearly: the police will not [...]


2017-10-16T16:39:22+02:00Mon, 16th Oct '17, 16:32|

I wrote a few days ago that the problem with Daphne Caruana Galizia was there was only one of her. Now she’s there no more. I wrote “Reading what otherwise sensible people are writing on Facebook about ‘shutting Daphne up’, ‘sweeping the blogger away’ and other frankly horrific notions reveals a stunning democratic immaturity. I [...]


2017-10-16T08:22:47+02:00Mon, 16th Oct '17, 08:22|

The Times reports police are sitting on incriminating evidence of serious fraud committed by the Education Minister’s former canvasser. If any of these episodes go unobserved, unremarked and unopposed they become the new normal. We will get desensitised and worse will be allowed. We can no longer rely on the parliamentary opposition to bring these crimes, of action or of [...]

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