Cyrus Engerer. Really?

2017-11-30T23:47:48+01:00Thu, 30th Nov '17, 23:47|

I'm rarely distracted by the likes of Cyrus Engerer. Although to be fair there aren't many like Cyrus Engerer. He posted today his elaborate treatise on the secret agenda of the civil society activists invited by a cross-party European Parliament delegation headed by a Socialist to speak about rule of law in Malta. Here's his [...]

Chris Cardona breaks his silence

2017-11-30T22:50:02+01:00Thu, 30th Nov '17, 22:50|

The eerie silence of Chris Cardona for weeks after the death of Daphne Caruana Galizia was unmistakably conspicuous. But his name came up in many conversations he was not part of in all this time. That was because, of all the measures of suppression Daphne Caruana Galizia suffered in her life, few were starker than Chris [...]

Has Marlene Mizzi gone beyond early learning?

2017-11-30T22:29:13+01:00Thu, 30th Nov '17, 22:29|

Look at the letter Marlene Mizzi sent to Manfred Weber to tell him "with all due respect that this is shameful letter, offensive to the State of Malta and to the majority of Maltese people". A political commentary about Marlene Mizzi's endemic confusion between the State of Malta and the majority of the Maltese people [...]

The EP delegation IS making a difference

2017-12-01T11:32:51+01:00Thu, 30th Nov '17, 22:18|

Sometimes some of us have unrealistic expectations. I've had many conversations with people who seemed to think that the EU should send an army to invade Malta, put Joseph Muscat in handcuffs and grant us a new constitution. That thinking is just as colonial as the conformist compliance you come across from people that tell [...]

The Malta Police Minister looks for help from Turkey

2017-11-30T21:45:42+01:00Thu, 30th Nov '17, 21:45|

Minister Michael Farrugia knows just which door to knock to get his policemen to act as instruments of an autocratic regime. Labour's campaign to take-over the police force had various stages. First they decapitated the corps and put on top a blabbering fool. Then they strategically promoted cronies to top positions they were not qualified [...]

Nexia International likes tweet saying Nexia BT should meet EP delegation

2017-11-30T13:29:01+01:00Thu, 30th Nov '17, 13:29|

Nexia International is the international network of accountancy and advisory firms that includes Brian Tonna's Nexia BT of Malta. Yesterday I tweeted a link to my blog post arguing that Keith Schembri, Konrad Mizzi and Brian Tonna themselves should, if they have nothing to hide, instruct Nexia BT to meet the European Parliament delegation currently [...]

No, it is not OK for Ministers to meddle in criminal investigations.

2017-11-30T13:21:37+01:00Thu, 30th Nov '17, 13:12|

Carmelo Abela is nobody’s least favourite Labour Minister. He certainly is not mine. He’s not alleged to have secret companies in off-shore jurisdictions. He’s not alleged to have visited brothels while on government duty. He’s not known to have threatened whistle-blowers with prison. He’s not suspected of having facilitated fabrication of documents to help illegal [...]

LISTEN: The Ferris Tapes (Part 4) (updated with transcript)

2017-11-30T13:09:53+01:00Wed, 29th Nov '17, 23:31|

This is the fourth and final portion of an extended interview I had with whistle-blower Jonathan Ferris. For this portion, Ellen Trapp from ARD TV and myself took Mr Ferris in front of the building that houses Pilatus Bank. I asked Mr Ferris questions he could not answer because of the secrecy obligations that still [...]

Nexia BT’s refusal to meet the EP delegation

2017-11-29T23:39:59+01:00Wed, 29th Nov '17, 23:13|

Once again Nexia BT, the firm of the prime minister's accountant at the heart of the Panama scandal, will not be answering questions of a second European Parliament motion to Malta. Brian Tonna is citing professional secrecy. Let us be clear. Technically he is correct. An accountant is not even allowed by law to confirm [...]

Azerbaijan Journalists: Azeri authorities should end impunity. Daphne “contract-killing culmination of impunity for crimes against journalists”

2017-11-29T22:28:58+01:00Wed, 29th Nov '17, 22:27|

This is a statement by independent Azerbaijan journalists organisation Institute for Reporters' Freedom and Safety. They list the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia in a list of crimes perpetrated against journalists who investigated the Azerbaijani regime: Azerbaijani Authorities Should Put an End to Impunity for Crimes against Journalists The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety [...]

G Farrugia Calleja: His privilege? Ours he means.

2017-11-29T22:39:58+01:00Wed, 29th Nov '17, 22:12|

Yet another Labour Minister conflates government with parliament. Michael Farrugia today claims he is protected by parliamentary privilege from the criticism of a family that has lost their wife and mother to political assassination six weeks ago and have seen nothing from the government except signs of an orchestrated attempt to cover up what really [...]

Going south

2017-11-29T17:44:04+01:00Wed, 29th Nov '17, 17:44|

Etienne Grech has been crowned "Il-Ministru tas-Sawt" an extra-constitutional honorofic which the Labour government appears to reserve to the more embarrassing in its ranks. His predecessor Silvio Parnis was no Nobel laureate. But if half the army got promoted before the last election and the other half got medals for being there, why shouldn't the [...]

How proper democracies function

2017-11-29T09:54:22+01:00Wed, 29th Nov '17, 09:54|

Compare what goes on in this polity, where state, government and party are indistinguishable and like something from the council of Nicaea that indivisible trinity is personified in Joseph Muscat, and other normal democracies. A policeman whistle-blower in Ireland clear his throat to accuse the force that employed him of corruption. To cover themselves his [...]

Passing the resit

2017-11-29T09:23:01+01:00Wed, 29th Nov '17, 09:23|

The government has been awarding itself medals for faint praise it has received for the new press law it is piloting through parliament. International rights organisations have expressed relief that the draconian proposals the government first put forward have been partially withdrawn after the opprobrium they raised. The sense of relief that the fascist disaster [...]

Skills starvation

2017-11-29T08:39:27+01:00Wed, 29th Nov '17, 08:39|

In the interview he gave us, Jonathan Ferris spoke of his involvement in the Libya visa scam investigations. He described a container of documents being delivered to him and a bunch of policemen reporting to him sifting through heaps of paperwork. Until they gave up and were taken off the case to investigate something else. [...]


2017-11-28T19:24:25+01:00Tue, 28th Nov '17, 19:24|

Yesterday’s parliamentary question from Godfrey Farrugia asking the prime minister whether the government was considering accepting crypto-currencies to sell passports was a smart question indeed. He got an unambiguous response from the prime minister. “No” the government is not planning to sell passports for bitcoins. Why is the question significant? Vanuatu is a micro-state that [...]

Norman Lowell goes on a pilgrimage

2017-11-27T17:09:46+01:00Mon, 27th Nov '17, 17:09|

Norman Lowell went on a trip to Bavaria on what he describes as a "spiritual and political pilgrimage". He peered from the mountain top views enjoyed by his "hero" Adolf Hitler. Then he posed with a bust of Adolf Hitler and smiled inanely like some people pose with a wax replica of the pope at [...]

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