Bombings and arrests

2017-10-27T15:21:28+02:00Fri, 27th Oct '17, 14:53|

The policeman heading the investigations into the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia has over the past three years led investigations into five other car bombings. He solved none of them. There was the Marsaxlokk bombing of Darren Degabriele who died of his wounds after his car was bombed in June 2014. He was believed to [...]

Senior government official attacks international press

2017-10-27T11:58:14+02:00Fri, 27th Oct '17, 11:58|

The reports in the international media are starting to irk the prime minister's office. Keith Schembri's assistant, MP Alex Muscat, writing today in The Malta Independent, branded international press reports "biased" and "distorted". Because of course it is reasonable to expect that when a journalist is incinerated in a bomb, the press take a "balanced" [...]

Tony Zarb, who called women protesting whores and traitors, is on Konrad Mizzi’s payroll

2017-10-27T09:11:11+02:00Fri, 27th Oct '17, 09:11|

Tony Zarb is not a retired behemoth of the socialist movement who farted from the wrong end in his dotage calling a 100 women with homemade placards and matching T-shirts whores, traitors and seditionists. He's a government official, paid by the state as a consultant of Konrad Mizzi, the only government Minister in the European [...]

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