GUEST POST: On the FIAU’s findings into Adrian Hillman

2017-10-31T09:47:20+01:00Mon, 30th Oct '17, 22:44|

Another pertinent analysis from Godfrey Leone Ganado: Adrian Hillman is in the news again. This may be the appropriate time to highlight the observations made by the FIAU in their leaked report regarding payments made through a host of companies beneficially owned by Keith Schembri and Adrian Hillman. The report states: The FIAU carried out [...]

MONEY MAGAZINE: The leaden foot of politics

2017-10-30T22:55:28+01:00Mon, 30th Oct '17, 16:20|

The following is my article first published in the current issue of Money. It was written before the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia: To imagine that a significant and particularly sensitive industry like financial services can exist in a jurisdiction completely indifferent to the political context in which it must operate is unforgivably naïve. Financial [...]

The reform we do not need

2017-10-31T11:45:54+01:00Mon, 30th Oct '17, 16:07|

Parliament is convening tonight to discuss an emergency motion by the Opposition to debate the situation in the country and presumably discuss the demands from civil society to remove the police commissioner and the attorney general. There’s a wider demand from civil society which seeks a shake-up of our constitutional model. It is not just [...]

Are experts watching the works on the tal-Qares megaliths?

2017-10-29T11:04:36+01:00Mon, 30th Oct '17, 10:50|

In the midst of all that is happening, please take a moment to visit the Facebook page of Temple Rescue, an NGO seeking to prevent the destruction of pre-historic heritage near Mosta. Development there has been approved in spite of objections by experts who want to protect what is known and believe there could be [...]

“Daphne’s death will explode in your face,” PM says

2017-10-30T21:49:14+01:00Mon, 30th Oct '17, 10:27|

The Prime Minister was reported in The Times saying yesterday “all those trying to make political mileage out of the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia would see it blow up in their face.” Although the defense that protesters are not interested in political mileage, merely political change, will not be heard, it is presumed Joseph [...]

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