Brian Tonna: more impunity in the mafia state

2017-10-31T13:48:09+01:00Tue, 31st Oct '17, 13:48|

The International Federation of Accountants states in its code of ethics that auditors must be independent of their clients. By his own admission Brian Tonna owed his client, Keith Schembri, €100,000. That made him a debtor and by any definition you care to give that term a debt relationship, particularly of that scale, is a [...]

GUEST POST: Journalism of Convenience

2017-10-31T11:57:05+01:00Tue, 31st Oct '17, 11:57|

The author is not a journalist but as we re-examine the failings of our democratic institutions his words are a reminder that the press too has much to reflect upon: So there we had it. Malta's journalists out in force on 19 October in a much publicised show of force and unity, holding a commemoration [...]

John Dalli on Daphne’s death. Please tell me what you think he’s saying because I’d rather not think it myself.

2017-11-01T08:49:16+01:00Tue, 31st Oct '17, 11:16|

John Dalli wrote today in The Times. Read his article before you read the below because mine is an attempt at distilling what he wants to say through the thick layers of bringing Mother Theresa, Pope Francis and God as witnesses for his character. Now that you’ve read it, please tell me I’m getting this [...]

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