In the midst of all that is happening, please take a moment to visit the Facebook page of Temple Rescue, an NGO seeking to prevent the destruction of pre-historic heritage near Mosta.

Development there has been approved in spite of objections by experts who want to protect what is known and believe there could be much more value in what is yet undiscovered.

The activists have posted videos on their page showing works have commenced on the site using heavy machinery and, as far as can be determined, without expert monitors on site to verify what is being discovered.

Tal-Qares, Archaeological Site, Malta : FINAL DAYS

#HappeningNow @ Tal-Qares, Archaeological Site, Malta.Early Morning Wake Up Call. #DoSomething#MostaPleaseDoNotChangeThatMuch <3 Please do what you can do share this video peacfully.Making these 'not so popular' sites known,Might make it less likely for it to happen again.#MaltaBecomingAFacepalmEmojiNo Archeological Monitoring On Site. #PITY #Psssst #Visionaries #NowIsAGoodTimeTal-Qares Site….from ? – 2017#BringBackHappyVideos

Geplaatst door Sprout Media op Zaterdag 28 oktober 2017

The ranking of the protection of a four thousand year old site or the building of a nondescript concrete block is obviously lost on a planning authority instructed to be “pro-business”. After we all our responsibilities to future generations are suspended when we’re having the best of times.

But now that the permit is granted, is it too much to ask that we comply with the basic principle that someone independent of the motivation of the developers to finish their project keeps an eye on what is unearth while the works are going on?