I should have shown her this post from our Commissioner of Police from back in 2013 when Joseph Muscat was still new to office:

My translation: “Good morning dear Maltese friends and fans of Inter (Football Club). This morning I am doubly happy. I am happy because of Inter, that in spite of our many limitations, we showed those rubbish who occasionally make some noise that you cannot even beat us by cheating (he redacts the word he uses because “fucking” in Maltese also means cheating in this context) and secondly because I continued to confirm how at last Malta has a truly male Prime Minister. (Again he redacts because “having eggs” in Maltese is considered evidence of testicular virility)”.

I guess the poetry losing something in translation but you get the gist.

This is the man the Prime Minister appointed to head the police and defended when the nation’s most obvious target for organised crime was assassinated under his watch.