Demonstration, organised by the Civil Society Network, starts at 4pm this Sunday at City Gate.

You should really come. And if you intend to, say so in the comments below.

Let him know what you think. And let other people who are decent and law-abiding and as disgusted as you are by the rot and the slime and the deception and the crime that brought about the death of Daphne Caruana Galizia know they are not alone.

If we do not stick together now, all she stood for, and all she dies for, will be for the history books of our great grand children who will think we stood by as these people became millionaires while they robbed them of the country we inherited and gave it to the mafia, to corrupt apparatchiks running away from the collapse of the regimes removed by the Arab spring, and to the Aliyev family.

We want our country back. Let’s let them know.