G Farrugia Calleja: Feeding time at the zoo

2017-12-15T19:32:49+01:00Fri, 15th Dec '17, 19:32|

As Victor Calleja reminded us in a Facebook post, Chris Fearne was touted as one of the best Labour had to offer - so much so, when you think about it, that he seems to have been positioned to take up the reins when Joseph Muscat went off to bigger and better things. Well, that [...]

Skewering Chris Fearne’s fatal purity

2017-12-15T09:22:54+01:00Fri, 15th Dec '17, 09:22|

Tim Sebastian made mince meat of Chris Fearne but he was only the sous chef. This recipe was cooked by the prime cook, Joseph Muscat. When Chris Fearne was elected deputy leader in July I wrote a piece for The Sunday Times giving reasons why Chris Fearne's election was a nightmare scenario for Joseph Muscat. [...]

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