Chris Cardona lied about withdrawing the garnishee orders against Daphne after she was killed

2017-12-03T22:03:31+01:00Sun, 3rd Dec '17, 22:03|

Minister Christian Cardona has been seeking applause for filing in court for the withdrawal of the garnishee orders he and his secretary had secured against Daphne Caruana Galizia while the libel suit they filed against her when she reported they visited a brothel in Germany and any potential appeal are heard and decided. Just shy [...]

Her father a judge, her mother a parliamentarian: and yet no sense of public spirit whatsoever

2017-12-03T21:34:28+01:00Sun, 3rd Dec '17, 21:34|

Here's Alexandra Mizzi who runs her mother's toy shops while Marlene Mizzi is a Member of the European Parliament. You would think that being the proud daughter of public servants she would see the point of the public spirit of a few hundred people who participate in the democratic process by protesting their views. Her [...]

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