The torment does not end

2017-12-08T20:45:15+01:00Fri, 8th Dec '17, 20:45|

A few hours after Daphne Caruana Galizia died, her husband, her sister and her eldest son were dragged to court along with suspects of the murder and made to wait for hours in a dark and cold court lobby preventing them from even the basic humanity of finding comfort in each other and the rest [...]

EXCLUSIVE: How wealthy Russians buy Maltese citizenship

2017-12-08T20:48:35+01:00Fri, 8th Dec '17, 12:50|

Please visit the website of Transparency International Russia. I worked on the investigation with Russian colleagues Lily Dobrovolskaya, Yulya Pavlovskaya, Ilya Shumanov. The investigation finds that: The listed cases of abuse in the purchase of Maltese passports clearly demonstrate the vulnerability of the Maltese "economic citizenship" program. By its nature, the program is a high-risk tool: [...]


2017-12-08T11:09:39+01:00Fri, 8th Dec '17, 11:09|

Manuel Mallia has just been reconfirmed Chairman of the Occupational Health and Safety Authority. He was appointed there last July having missed a post in Cabinet because he only managed to make it to Parliament after a by election. He replaced Deo Debattista who was promoted from the backbench. It's this government's policy to recruit [...]

Perverting justice

2017-12-08T10:06:18+01:00Fri, 8th Dec '17, 08:04|

The last time I called out Tony Zarb the Prime Minister condemned me. So I suppose I have a guess what I'm going in for. Tony Zarb posted on Facebook the following over the last few hours: The first one translates "The Dark Forces: The first buzz word was 'political killing'. Now the new buzz [...]

Seeking answers: The Mike Mansholt story

2017-12-08T07:16:37+01:00Fri, 8th Dec '17, 07:12|

This detailed article in the Nordwest Zeitung tells the story of a father unable to get answers from the Maltese authorities after his teenage son was found dead here in mysterious circumstances. The police are uncooperative and unwilling to investigate more than they feel they must. The attorney general insists on secrecy. The medical examiner [...]

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