The Daily Swindle

2017-12-22T12:54:59+01:00Thu, 21st Dec '17, 18:33|

When Chris Fearne took a short break to acknowledge Tim Sebastian's reach-around last week, he lifted his hands up in the air, the palms of his hands away from him, his fingers fanned out, and clarified he did not personally sign the Vitals deal to sell three Maltese hospitals to a company owned by someone [...]

La Repubblica names Daphne Caruana Galizia person of the year

2017-12-21T11:16:57+01:00Thu, 21st Dec '17, 11:16|

La Repubblica has named Daphne Caruana Galizia person of the year. The decision by La Repubblica was announced in a front page editorial by Roberto Saviano who said Daphne was killed because she understood the illegal flows of money happening through Malta and she understood this was not someone doing something wrong but an entire [...]

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