Thinking of ironic awards

2017-12-06T18:40:28+01:00Wed, 6th Dec '17, 18:40|

Since I'm not likely to win an olympic medal, here's another self-referential ironic award from earlier this year. This is President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan who eats journalists for breakfast being awarded a 'Friends of Journalists' award by some puppet functionary he controls. And as he gets it he smiles not because he does not [...]

Michelle Muscat signed her own nomination for the volunteer of the year award

2017-12-07T11:16:26+01:00Wed, 6th Dec '17, 18:12|

This morning's post about Michelle Muscat being awarded the volunteer of the year award found people saying in their reactions that Michelle Muscat should have the good manners of expressing polite embarrassment at the award, decline it and suggest someone less well known but at least equally deserving is recognised for their work. After all [...]

G Farrugia Calleja: Horrid, horrid man

2017-12-06T11:27:02+01:00Wed, 6th Dec '17, 11:27|

Martin Scicluna's piece in The Times today is perfectly in character. As a health warning let me prepare you with this quote: "The principal reason for the PN’s debacle must be laid at her (Daphne Caruana Galizia's) door and a party leadership that was committed to dancing to her tune." Truly a man who has [...]

Vive la femme de l’empereur!

2017-12-06T10:57:28+01:00Wed, 6th Dec '17, 10:37|

Michelle Muscat is the volunteer of the year. She was awarded the title by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector. Yet another Peronist event in this Evita story of pursuit of adulation; of packaging the proletarian heroine royally bedecked behind the great leader. And sure enough the great leader was bursting with pride on [...]

Il-Koħħu, il-Fulu u ċ-Ċiniż

2017-12-06T09:14:03+01:00Wed, 6th Dec '17, 07:44|

OK so they were arraigned in court, accused of murder. We will see evidence over the next few days that will justify their trial a few years down the line. We can expect that trial to confirm our initial impression that the police are reasonably confident in the evidence that they have. It turned out [...]

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