EXCLUSIVE: Pilatus whistle-blower to former colleague — “I understand you’re scared. But my soul is not for sale”.

2017-12-10T16:37:25+01:00Sun, 10th Dec '17, 16:35|

Maria Efimova, who blew the whistle on alleged corruption and money laundering at Pilatus Bank where she worked, has asked manueldelia.com to publish her letter to Claude-Anne Sant Fournier, her former colleague at the bank. Claude-Anne Sant Fournier is Head of Legal and Compliance at Pilatus Bank. The Bank's website says she leads Pilatus Bank’s [...]

Goose stepping our way ahead

2017-12-10T15:02:33+01:00Sun, 10th Dec '17, 14:59|

Joseph Muscat has finally articulated it. Labour is the ‘law and order’ party of Malta. No one wants chaos and anarchy. But the switch from ‘business as usual’ to ‘ we need to unleash the army’ is quite a change. The radical re-orientation is likely a response to a shift in public mood which the [...]

READ: Escape to Africa

2017-12-10T13:29:08+01:00Sun, 10th Dec '17, 13:27|

Documenting Ghana is an interesting blog written by a Maltese woman, Christine Xuereb Seidu, who migrated to Ghana with her husband and their daughter to escape the racism and ethical ambiguities in Malta and start a new life on the Gold Coast. They have been there since August and have been building a new life [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: It’s only the beginning

2017-12-10T09:52:20+01:00Sun, 10th Dec '17, 09:52|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "The death of the judges killed in Sicily in the early 1990s was the catalyst for the transformation of a society and a country that refused to face the realities of its sins. Inspired by their sacrifice, hundreds and thousands of citizens and public servants stepped up [...]

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