‘Sibt Pulizija Laburist’

2017-12-20T17:35:58+01:00Wed, 20th Dec '17, 17:35|

That immortal phrase that then deputy Labour leader, now judge, Toni Abela was caught using on tape was the thin end of the wedge driven deep in this country to separate justice from tribal convenience. That time Toni Abela was speaking about how best to manage drug distribution from a Labour Party property that by [...]

BREAKING: Keith Schembri frequently called FIAU to call off investigations into Pilatus and other banks, inside source told Daphne Caruana Galizia

2017-12-20T11:32:50+01:00Wed, 20th Dec '17, 11:32|

Peter Caruana Galizia testified in court today his wife had told him her source inside the FIAU informed her Keith Schembri frequently made calls to the FIAU to tell them not to investigate Pilatus Bank and other private banks. Peter Caruana Galizia was testifying this morning in the case instituted by his family asking the [...]

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