8 month old FIAU report calls for criminal action against Konrad Mizzi

2017-12-02T16:37:22+01:00Sat, 2nd Dec '17, 16:29|

Read this statement by David Casa on the website of the European People's Party today. David Casa says he is "in possession of a damning FIAU report that concludes that criminal investigations should start against Minister Konrad Mizzi on alleged money laundering and the possible existence of money derived from crime." They tell us we have [...]

Here’s how you’re paying for their corruption

2017-12-02T16:28:55+01:00Sat, 2nd Dec '17, 16:28|

The Bank of Valletta is exposed to the tune of 360 million euro to fund the Electrogas power station. Temporarily the exposure is backed up by a guarantee provided by the government. But the government is impatient to withdraw that guarantee because that letter is a pain point for the government’s accountants seeking to balance [...]

Reconciliation without truth

2017-12-02T16:30:13+01:00Sat, 2nd Dec '17, 16:24|

The Times used just the right verb this morning: bafflement at the PN's decision to organise Christmas Drinks at one of the Silvio Debono db Group facilities. The PN and Silvio Debono fell out when the PN criticised the allocation of public land in St George's Bay to the db Group to develop a massively [...]

They’re reading about it in Japan

2017-12-02T14:38:13+01:00Sat, 2nd Dec '17, 14:35|

The Mainichi Shimbun, Japan's oldest newspaper and its newspaper of record, is covering the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia and the political context in Malta. It's so far that the stories have to start by explaining to readers where Malta is. Doing like the prime minister and stubbornly complaining of "bias" in the face of [...]

How did you find Malta? Disturbing

2017-12-02T09:43:06+01:00Sat, 2nd Dec '17, 09:38|

Deep down in everyone of us is the intuitive welcoming host. All of us shudder reading The Guardian's headline "MEPS disturbed by trip to Malta". We have thought of many adjectives to describe these islands. I have seen no glossy posters saying 'Visit Disturbing Malta'. This is where Joseph Muscat has brought us to. And [...]

iNews: The Scandal Deepens

2017-12-02T09:24:55+01:00Sat, 2nd Dec '17, 09:24|

Here is a report from iNews (an offshoot of the UK's The Independent) on the situation in Malta. It is significant that the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia is described as a "scandal". In everyone's but Joseph Muscat's mind, this is a political killing that carries political responsibilities. But Joseph Muscat calls the rest of [...]

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