Remember Colson

2018-06-07T14:22:38+02:00Thu, 7th Jun '18, 14:22|

At this stage it is important to refresh people’s minds about Keith Schembri’s company in the British Virgin Islands: Colson Services Limited. It was unveiled by the Panama Papers leak and set up for Keith Schembri by Nexia BT. He had had it since January 2011, set up around the time that Joseph Muscat’s team [...]

Advancing in democracy

2018-06-07T13:14:32+02:00Thu, 7th Jun '18, 13:14|

It is reasonable to expect that in a democracy the nature of that democracy can be a matter of disagreement. Julia Farrugia has set up a ‘technical committee for the advancement of representative democracy’. Its terms of reference are not known.  Is the committee supposed to strengthen democracy itself, or is it going to say [...]

Pop behind the iron curtain

2018-06-07T10:32:28+02:00Thu, 7th Jun '18, 10:32|

Many, many years ago, before my mum would let me go to a rock concert, Tina Turner had a gig in Floriana. That was 1990. I was not there. But people came back from that concert saying she put on a great show. And that Michael Frendo, then culture Minister, went up on stage to [...]

#Reżistenza raise a makeshift memorial to El Kasco

2018-06-07T09:37:34+02:00Thu, 7th Jun '18, 09:37|

In whose interest are decisions being taken by #Malta authorities? Who controls Malta? We inherited a sovereign State with proper functioning institutions. In 2018 Malta impunity is the order of the day & obscure forces determine our future. We deserve much better. #DaphneProject — Reżistenza Malta (@RezistenzaMalta) June 7, 2018 As Times of Malta [...]

GUEST POST: Anger and hope

2018-06-07T09:25:50+02:00Thu, 7th Jun '18, 09:25|

This guest post was sent from a regular reader in Brunei: Dear Manuel, I have been wanting to drop you a note for a long time and one of your recent posts has finally spurred me to do so. It was the It's been a year post that has finally done it, partly because you reminded [...]

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