Anti-SLAPP is needed to protect people’s right to know

2018-06-13T19:45:09+02:00Wed, 13th Jun '18, 19:45|

I spoke today at a conference in the European Parliament building in Strasbourg called by MEP David Casa and colleagues of his from several groups across the political divide about the legislation protecting journalists from defamation law suits filed in different countries to scare journalists from writing about the corrupt and the rich. It was [...]

Chris Cardona is not voting

2018-06-13T19:34:03+02:00Wed, 13th Jun '18, 19:34|

Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and, third ranking in the ranking order of the government Minister Chris Cardona is today missing a series of votes in Parliament. The government is in no danger of losing the votes but the absence of a senior Minister is significant especially since it is not excused by any [...]

Konrad Square Pants

2018-06-13T19:25:05+02:00Wed, 13th Jun '18, 19:25|

Konrad Mizzi announced an Air Malta campaign on a treasure hunt. He knows a thing or two about hidden treasures and he knows a thing or two about his treasures being found by others. It’s truly a week for PR disasters, isn’t it? Meantime here’s how one of the Air Malta planes will look like [...]

No stone unturned? Government busy breaching fundamental human rights. Opposition silent.

2018-06-13T09:40:28+02:00Wed, 13th Jun '18, 09:40|

Judge Silvio Meli’s decision finding yesterday in the constitutional action filed by Daphne Caruana Galizia’s heirs against the government needs careful reading. Of course the first impact is the judge’s order to have Silvio Valletta taken off the case. And in there is a very important observation: it is ridiculous to expect someone married to [...]

Mhux Nazzjonalista

2018-06-13T09:12:45+02:00Wed, 13th Jun '18, 09:09|

Since we are not to consider a woman as merely an extension of her husband, we are not to judge a man by the behaviour of his wife. If a man should not be able to control his wife he cannot be held responsible for her behaviour. A leader’s wife is not a child. She [...]

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