Kasco group financial statements show Keith Schembri’s businesses suffered net losses since before 2013 election

2018-06-03T17:50:00+02:00Sun, 3rd Jun '18, 17:50|

Despite giving the impression that the earnings from his various businesses are such that he would never be tempted to be corrupted, consolidated financial statements filed by the Kasco Group show Keith Schembri declared earning far less from his businesses than he suggests. In 2011 the Kasco group declared a miserable profit of €18,895. That [...]

The behaviour of the guilty

2018-06-03T17:04:17+02:00Sun, 3rd Jun '18, 06:44|

Chris Cardona’s behaviour in trying to manage the troublesome law suit he initiated after Daphne Caruana Galizia reported 17 months ago he was in a brothel is the tactical behaviour of the guilty. The innocent step up in a court of law, say why they feel libelled, present evidence that contradicts the claims made against [...]

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