Pilatus Bank pays Maria Efimova … two years late

2018-06-19T15:06:10+02:00Tue, 19th Jun '18, 14:20|

Malta's Labour office has contacted Maria Efimova to inform her Pilatus Bank has settled her outstanding salary from when she worked for three unpaid months as executive assistant to Ali Sadr. In the ironic turn of events, Pilatus Bank have effectively admitted Maria Efimova’s complaint against them was justified and she was indeed owed payment. [...]

The friends who hide your money

2018-06-19T14:14:58+02:00Tue, 19th Jun '18, 14:11|

Nexia BT — Mossack Fonseca (Malta) — Kasco Group. These are three dots in the orbit of Keith Schembri and his grand fraudulent scheme to cover illicit income, avoid paying taxes and use his public office for personal office. A fourth dot is MFSP, the four-partner investment agency that managed Keith Schembri’s British Virgin Islands [...]

Twilight of the gods

2018-06-19T13:59:47+02:00Tue, 19th Jun '18, 13:59|

It is truly awful how badly the leadership of the PN is handling itself. There’s clearly a stubborn bunker atmosphere, barking orders to mobilise formations that exist only on a map, taking comfort from self-serving flattery, and seeking solace in imaginary magnanimity from the enemy as traditional support is deemed unworthy of its leadership. I [...]

Become a citizen. If you can.

2018-06-19T19:40:30+02:00Tue, 19th Jun '18, 13:51|

In the heat of the French Revolution, the leaders of that upheaval did not sit down to write a charter about the rights of French people. They wrote instead the ‘Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen’. Universal rights is by no means a universal understanding of what citizenship should be about. But [...]

‘Picture of’ Malta

2018-06-19T13:48:17+02:00Tue, 19th Jun '18, 13:48|

Visit this website: Picture of the EU. It’s a journey across Europe and its current stories. Read the bewildering story of Malta from the points of few of civil rights activists here.

Neville Gafa: Witnesses scared of retribution

2018-06-19T13:42:31+02:00Tue, 19th Jun '18, 13:42|

So Neville Gafa’ told Times of Malta he is “denying all of Mr Grech Mintoff’s allegations and reserved the right to take legal action”. He was reacting to documentation tabled by Ivan Grech Mintoff in a civil suit where he said potential witnesses who have had bribes solicited off them from Neville Gafa for Malta [...]

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