January 2015: Keith Schembri’s ‘new funds’

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On 22nd January, 2015, Keith Schembri’s financial managers received a payment instruction for $201,572.31. At the time that amounted to €174,256.23. The amount was deposited for the client account held in Keith Schembri’s name at the Bank of Valletta. It was also logged as ‘new funds’ in Keith Schembri’s client history with the financial managers. [...]

It’s been a year

2018-06-06T12:17:50+02:00Wed, 6th Jun '18, 12:17|

A year ago today I sat down to organise my thoughts on the general election results. The piece, It hurts, doesn't it? came to 3,000 words and even by loquacious standards that was too long for Facebook. So I set up a free Blogger account so I can link the piece to Facebook. After a few [...]

The prime minister’s denials on behalf of his work wife

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There are no legitimately comprehensible explanations for Joseph Muscat’s absolute and categorial denial of my story of earlier yesterday that his chief of staff received over $430,000 in payments five weeks after they flew together with Konrad Mizzi and Kurt Farrugia and no one else to Baku. No one can be absolutely sure about someone [...]

Kenneth Wain on the role of civil society activism

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Kenneth Wain has been an important component of civil society throughout his long career. He is that rare breed of academic who speaks his mind and adds to the national discourse with his informed, competent thoughts. When Malta was at a cross-roads ahead of the decision whether to join the EU he braved the anger [...]

Rosianne Cutajar provides some comic relief

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On our way out from an important meeting ? #breeze #june #hellojune #mps #politics #colleagues #friendship #picoftheday #photooftheday #instacool #instalike @byroncamilleri @bartoloclayton @edward.zammitlewis #oceanseleven #executive #politicians #politics #malta #maltese #womenempowerment #woman A post shared by Rosianne Cutajar (@rosianne_cutajar) on Jun 3, 2018 at 10:27am PDT Please go through the hashtags. I'll just pick out one. [...]

BBC Radio 4: File on 4, Citizenship for Sale

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The documentary broadcast last night on BBC Radio 4 is interested in 'Golden Visas' in a broad sense including the Tier 1 scheme run by the UK and the Henley & Partners scheme run by Malta. Listen to the whole program if you can. The Malta component starts 16 minutes in and includes interviews with [...]

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