Andrew Borg-Cardona: The offer being made

2018-06-02T23:32:00+02:00Sat, 2nd Jun '18, 23:32|

By Andrew Borg-Cardona: It should be said at the very outset: Magistrate Tony Vella is eminently suited to become a Judge. He has the professional and personal attributes, not least of the latter of which being his humanity, integrity and practicality, which qualify him without any doubt whatsoever. This should also be said about half-way [...]

Why did the Councillor cross the road?

2018-06-02T23:21:50+02:00Sat, 2nd Jun '18, 17:44|

The facts as they have been reported are that a construction developer tried to run over a Councillor. The Councillor, who serves in the political minority in Gżira, believes Ivan Stivala, a member of the Malta Developers Association, wanted to hurt him or kill him because he, the Councillor, shared a resident’s Facebook post with [...]

‘Professor’ Joe Mifsud: Reportedly alive but in hiding on the advice of former Italian home minister

2018-06-02T17:06:58+02:00Sat, 2nd Jun '18, 17:04|

A new book by former colleagues of Joseph Mifsud reports that he is alive and well. Their account includes a recent interview with him. Joseph Mifsud was named in the investigations on alleged collusion between the Donald Trump campaign and the Kremlin which Joseph Mifsud is alleged to have brokered by offering 'dirty on Hilary [...]

The hot summer ahead

2018-06-02T16:43:30+02:00Sat, 2nd Jun '18, 16:42|

The new Italian home minister is possibly the most powerful politician in that country. He’s also, to be kind, a xenophobe, that considers people hierarchically depending on how south of Milan they come from, and people washing ashore on Italy as not his problem. On his second day of business he is flying down to [...]

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