Clyde Puli, careful there.

2018-06-17T15:22:01+02:00Sun, 17th Jun '18, 15:22|

Watch this video from Net News. Clyde Puli uses his TV platform to reiterate the remarks he gave The Malta Independent. He explains the process of selecting candidates and criticises a ‘section of the media’, which the reporter specifies as Times of Malta, for deceiving its readers. It was not just Times of Malta [...]

Martina Caruana: At the Great Siege Memorial

2018-06-17T14:53:33+02:00Sun, 17th Jun '18, 14:53|

Art historian Martina Caruana yesterday gave a memorable speech placing the context of the monthly Daphne Caruana Galizia vigils on the 16th of every month with the Great Siege Memorial that dominates the location. Here's an English translation of the speech: We have gathered here again to mark the 8th month since Daphne Caruana Galizia’s [...]

Andrew Borg-Cardona: A handbook for activists

2018-06-17T14:42:59+02:00Sun, 17th Jun '18, 14:42|

Thank you Andrew Borg-Cardona. We as activists have to reclaim the public space this government has encroached on. We've come to the point that whilst we tip-toe around the authorities to ensure no sensibilities are even slightly offended, a policeman has this week actually physically blocked a journalist from taking pictures. Policemen have removed protest [...]

The hand that seeks to blind you

2018-06-17T14:23:33+02:00Sun, 17th Jun '18, 14:23|

This photo was taken by Darrin Zammit Lupi for Reuters. A policeman tried to block his lens even though the photographer told him he was a journalist doing his job.   As you can still figure out the policeman was seeking to censor a protest by Il-Kenniesa that showed cardboard cutouts of Keith Schembri and [...]

FIAU punish the laundry, but leave the launderer alone. Keith Schembri’s finances handled by fined money laundering enablers MFSP.

2018-06-17T09:38:32+02:00Sun, 17th Jun '18, 09:36|

Jacob Borg’s Times of Malta story yesterday revealed MFSP Financial has been fined by the FIAU for breaching MFSA laws. It is right that intermediaries are checked and held to account as these cowboy operations enable the crimes of money launderers, tax dodgers and fraudsters. But that’s only half the job done. If the FIAU [...]

Convicted revenge pornographer to run for MEP

2018-06-17T10:08:19+02:00Sun, 17th Jun '18, 08:56|

Cyrus Engerer already meant to run for MEP in the past. He withdrew his candidature in the last minute because of a conviction for spreading revenge porn photos of his ex boyfriend after a bad breakup. His withdrawal from the candidature was hailed by Labour’s Joseph Muscat as heroic. Indeed he endowed a former PN [...]

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