Cinema Paradiso

2019-02-06T11:35:22+01:00Wed, 6th Feb '19, 11:35|

Twenty-nine years ago a great Italian movie won the best foreign language film Academy award. It was Cinema Paradiso that had been made two years before by Giuseppe Tornatore. Twelve years later the director revisited that film and gave it the Director’s treatment. It told the story of a young boy who grew up in [...]

Let’s give stupidity a chance

2019-02-06T09:24:35+01:00Wed, 6th Feb '19, 09:24|

As one commenter put it on the YouTube post of this video, this is the Pet Shop Boys song you never thought you needed. Another one said this could become the national anthem of a few countries now.


2019-02-06T08:18:10+01:00Wed, 6th Feb '19, 08:16|

Watch these 49 seconds of venom first. It will do miracles for your digestion. This tribalism is mainstream. A Labour Party MP who is not part of government out of his own strategic and cunning choice telling supporters Labour must “take care of its own” is not shocking in a country where political parties [...]

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