EU Commission finds “limited progress” in Malta’s fight against corruption, money laundering

2019-02-27T17:24:52+01:00Wed, 27th Feb '19, 17:24|

The European Commission has criticised the Maltese government for not taking significant steps to fight corruption. In its periodic country report on Malta published today, the European Commission complained the police are understaffed and the permanent commission against corruption is unable to act independently and effectively because of flaws in its structure. The Commission noted [...]

Jason Azzopardi’s statement

2019-02-27T16:04:51+01:00Wed, 27th Feb '19, 16:04|

Jason Azzopardi issued this statement through the PN earlier today. “Last Friday evening I collected my correspondence as I normally do from the reception desk at the PN headquarters. The correspondence included a white envelope that looks like it was mailed in Germany. “When I got home I opened my correspondence including this envelope. The [...]

Too much information

2019-02-27T15:10:23+01:00Wed, 27th Feb '19, 15:10|

Here’s another one that is brewing. Our ballot sheets will be counted electronically soon. Agents of political parties will no longer stand behind a transparent sheet of thudding perspex breathing down the necks of officials paid to look for the next number on the ballot sheet and dumping it in the relevant pigeon hole. Instead, [...]

It could happen to you

2019-02-27T09:25:24+01:00Wed, 27th Feb '19, 09:25|

One of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s lines that keeps coming to mind is the one when she said you will corruption everywhere, in every country at every level. What’s specifically Maltese is that here “the attitude to corruption is corrupt”. You can draw a straight line from that attitude to the Maltese attitude to civil liberties. [...]

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