Maria Ressa: senior Philippines journalist arrested

2019-02-13T13:59:37+01:00Wed, 13th Feb '19, 13:59|

Reuters Philippines journalist and editor of online news organisation Rappler, Maria Ressa, has been arrested in Manila on the back of what is termed in that country as cyber libel. The case is one of several mobilised by the law enforcement agencies of the Philippines against Maria Ressa who has been a thorn in [...]

Another Ministry, another corruption scandal

2019-02-13T10:58:50+01:00Wed, 13th Feb '19, 10:58|

As if to remind everyone that corruption existed before 2013 as well, Ivan Camilleri reported on Times of Malta about the former Mayor of Rabat who, according to recordings held by the police, took kickbacks for a cleaning contract and cancelled the contract when he tried and failed to extort a raise. This happened, allegedly, [...]

The politics of rotten swimmers

2019-02-13T11:27:27+01:00Wed, 13th Feb '19, 10:28|

The government will try to keep the bluefin tuna corruption scandal strictly at the administrative level. The phone records published in the Spanish press yesterday concern a civil servant and from what we know she did not solicit bribes on behalf of anyone but herself. But there are other complications here. Andreina Fenech Farrugia was [...]

It’s not just the fish that hurt

2019-02-13T09:18:33+01:00Wed, 13th Feb '19, 09:18|

One is often tempted to assume that corruption is a victimless crime and one can afford to ignore it. The corruption that protects crime happening beyond our horizon on the vast seas that surround us and on which we hold a flimsy claim, even if it sheds blood, is far enough from our eyes to [...]

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