Involuntary committal

2019-02-22T14:08:42+01:00Fri, 22nd Feb '19, 14:08|

Mario Portelli, chief witness in the trial that acquitted David Gatt in an organised crime trial two years ago, has uploaded a video on his Facebook profile earlier today that appears to show him being arrested by the police to be committed to the mental institution. In his video, Mario Portelli claims that the [...]

LISTEN: Come to Malta! We’ll see what we can do!

2019-02-22T14:00:41+01:00Fri, 22nd Feb '19, 14:00|

Listen to this brilliant half hour of comedy at Malta's expense. Mark Steele's BBC series of send-ups of towns and cities made a stop in Malta for its broadcast yesterday. Brilliantly done and will be nice to watch the squirming of xenophobes like the Alfred Sants of this country, that speak of "foreigners" as if [...]

Consuelo Herrera strikes again

2019-02-22T08:52:37+01:00Fri, 22nd Feb '19, 08:52|

The case of a businessman who collected almost €90,000 of VAT and pocketed it instead of passing it to the taxman is another shocking indicator of the collapse our law enforcement and justice system. Judge Consuelo Scerri Herrera has this week let the gentleman concerned, Charles Le Brun, walk away free and keep the money [...]

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