President Coleiro, you’re not the King of Thailand

2019-02-20T17:37:36+01:00Wed, 20th Feb '19, 17:37|

Faced by the scandal of corruption and international money laundering another institution fails us. The behaviour of Marie Louise Coleiro after the video of her saying there was “no legal proof” of what Pilatus Bank was up to was uploaded by the Oxford Union, is a stark warning to those who think they can solve [...]

Where’s the proof?

2019-02-20T14:31:34+01:00Wed, 20th Feb '19, 14:12|

If the President of Malta doesn’t want to be criticised for her speeches, she should not deliver any. It is hard enough not to think of Marie Louise Coleiro Preca as just another agent of the Labour Party. Her remarks today about Pilatus Bank are not merely a disgrace to the office she occupies, I [...]

Everyone else is nuts

2019-02-20T09:39:49+01:00Wed, 20th Feb '19, 09:39|

The fact that Joseph Muscat adopts the diversionary tactics of Donald Trump (though in their case you really need to wonder who’s the chicken and who’s the egg) does not excuse him. In reality, if you step back to remember whom Joseph Muscat’s behaviour is reminding you of, that would be Dom Mintoff. It’s really [...]

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