Truth and Justice

2019-02-17T14:53:24+01:00Sun, 17th Feb '19, 14:53| This is a translation of the speech: When Daphne Caruana Galizia was assassinated many were shocked. But few were surprised. For many years, and most of all in the last several months of her life, they stripped her of her human dignity. All that was left to do was to strip her of her [...]

Truth and Justice: Vicky Anne Cremona

2019-02-17T14:45:31+01:00Sun, 17th Feb '19, 14:45| This is a translation of the speech: On the 18th November, the Times’ front page bore this headline: Daphne murder mastermind suspects identified – investigators It would seem, however, that these masterminds have disappeared into thin air because they were never mentioned again, and have never been caught. Is this yet another lie by [...]

Truth and Justice: Sammi Davis

2019-02-17T14:18:57+01:00Sun, 17th Feb '19, 14:18| My son has a habit of asking me difficult questions just before bedtime. I know he’s stalling but he’s really good at it so his questions are never small or dull: Why is a clear sky blue? Why does fog float? Or one of my favourites, if I only ate roses, would my poo [...]

Truth and Justice: Joe Pace Asciak

2019-02-17T14:11:34+01:00Sun, 17th Feb '19, 14:11| A translation of this speech follows: And why should students study History of Art? Why should they study History, Geography, Literature, History of Music and so many other “useless” subjects? And after all, why should they study subjects like Mathematics and Science? And then what about Economics? Isn’t this an area of study that [...]

GUEST POST: Of penguins and vigils

2019-02-18T07:13:05+01:00Sun, 17th Feb '19, 10:55|

Sent in by someone known to me:   Last Saturday night, after attending the 16th Day of the Month Justice protest standing out in the cold in Valletta, down the road a piece, there was another commemoration event about to take place. Since the morning the public broadcaster PBS was setting up equipment for the [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Iceberg in the Mediterranean

2019-02-17T08:02:38+01:00Sun, 17th Feb '19, 08:02|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "It is impossible not to suspect that the iceberg is being kept afloat by a criminal conspiracy involving the politicians protecting Dr Fenech Farrugia. "It is impossible not to look at the Office of the Prime Minister, led by that smirking Moriarty, Keith Schembri, for an explanation [...]

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