Anton Refalo acquitted of domestic violence charge after son and wife refused to testify

2019-02-08T17:54:32+01:00Fri, 8th Feb '19, 17:11|

Labour MP and former Minister Anton Refalo has been acquitted by Magistrate Joe Mifsud from the charge of domestic violence after his son, whom he was accused to have beaten, refused to testify against his father. There were no other eye-witnesses to the incident except Anton Refalo's wife who also refused to testify. The Magistrate [...]

Gimme hope Jo’anna

2019-02-08T15:33:32+01:00Fri, 8th Feb '19, 15:33|

One TV asked the Great Leader for his top 10 desert island discs. You'd be tempted to groan 'who cares?' But this is Malta and nobody laughs at jokes about fawning Radio Moscow staff chasing Joseph's favourite recording of Tchaikovsky's sixth. Joseph Stalin that is. Our own Joseph's top 10 list includes 'Gimme Hope Jo'Anna' [...]

In the artist’s head

2019-02-08T12:45:25+01:00Fri, 8th Feb '19, 12:45|

I do not presume to teach Patrick Dalli what makes good art. I don’t presume to teach that to anyone, frankly. I know what I like but it doesn’t mean I know why it’s good. I know what I can afford to spend which I accept has nothing to do with value. Times of Malta [...]

STAR COMMENT: They can’t even bear the question

2019-02-08T08:55:30+01:00Fri, 8th Feb '19, 08:55|

ML AERIS sent this under the post about the daily grind of replacing protest symbols at the Great Siege Memorial because they're removed by State-employed, State-sponsored or State-mobilised thugs. Yesterday that State's lawyers argued I have no legal standing to argue this is a breach of the right of freedom of expression because I didn't [...]

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