Dance off

2019-02-28T11:06:12+01:00Thu, 28th Feb '19, 11:06|

Times of Malta filed it under their “Odd News” section. But is it really that odd? Maria Efimova tweeted a short clip of herself and two other women dancing and challenging Joseph Muscat to a dance-off. “I challenge you to a dance battle,” she said. “Whoever loses, owns Egrant.” @JosephMuscat_JM, I challenge you to a [...]

500 days

2019-02-28T08:30:25+01:00Thu, 28th Feb '19, 08:30|

Statement by #Reżistenza After 500 days, the masterminds still enjoy impunity and power Five hundred days after the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia, the masterminds of her murder are still amongst us, enjoying impunity and power. No journalist has ever been murdered for a lie he said. Journalists have always been assassinated in revenge to [...]

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