“Constitution is the people’s” — Sunday Times editorial

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Please do read The Sunday Times’s editorial of today about the secrecy with which Constitutional reforms are being debated behind closed doors by a committee made of representatives of the PN and the PL.

The heading says it all.

The Editor is rightly concerned that so far, apart from political parties, only Repubblika has shown any interest in this debate.

“The NGO may be a fledgeling organisation but so far it seems to be the only non-political entity representing citizens in this all-important exercise of shaping their social and political future. It is alarming to those yearning for constitutional solutions to the virtually unfettered power being wielded by the government, that Repubblika describes the committee as a place where decisions are likely to be taken by political parties before being rubber-stamped by Parliament. ‘The risks of this top-down approach to our democratic well-being, such as it is, are unacceptable,’ the NGO warned.”

In the meantime here’s a short clip Repubblika put up on social media today on the subject. You may not know it but if you remain indifferent to this, the dangers are, inconveniently perhaps, unimaginable.