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Someone yesterday wrote I was boring because I pointed out the imbecility of a tweet by the Leader of the Opposition that said his fight in court was aimed at “restoring the imbalance of power”. I may be going out on a limb here but I don’t think Adrian Delia was rethinking Thucydides when he wrote that.

But even if it was an innocent mistake, the image I put up showed that his number one advisor, Pierre Portelli, had seen the tweet with at least two of his Twitter identities and did not nudge his boss to correct the error. Let us be generous and presume it was one.

If nothing worse it shows mediocrity and amateurism and I think it’s fairly legitimate, though perhaps boring in a country that has made mediocrity a national religion, to point such an error out. Granted that unlike the most famous Twitterer of all, Adrian Delia and his advisors do not have the keys to the nuclear button.

Yet, if they are entirely harmless in their garbled use of language when communicating their political message, they are also by implication irrelevant. And no one is in the business they’re in to be that.

Look at the PN’s pursuit of excellence. Its political studies foundation, labelled rather bombastically for these twittering times as Akkademja għal-Iżvilupp t’Ambjent Demokratiku, is educating the masses.

Here’s a training program announced yesterday. 

Really? Is this meant to polish the sharpest political minds of the country to restore the imbalance of power? Perhaps the latest concealer could mask and compensate for poor command of language.

This “make-up course” is not a low point for AŻAD’s political education program. In February AŻAD organised tours showing people around sites connected to St Paul’s sojourn in Malta.

Which is all very well but how is our democracy any wiser?

If the PN is not providing citizenship political engagement anymore, somebody has to do it instead of them or our future will be made of extended eye lashes pointing the way to caves and desert islands and the imbalance of power will then be well and truly restored.