Chris Cardona is saying the Labour Party should kick out Keith Schembri now. Presumably because he lost his phone? Because you’d have to wonder what changed now.

A lot of people need to trace back what they’ve said about Keith Schembri even very recently. These are Robert Musumeci and Emanuel Cuschieri. Do they still think Keith Schembri is “the heart of the Labour Party”?

They’ll say he isn’t and that they were fooled. They’ll say it’s not fair to ascribe collective guilt. They may be innocent of some of the things Keith Schembri has done but they’re not innocent of keeping him there after the Panama Papers revelations came out. Robert Musumeci argued forcefully that his notion of the rule of law demands that whatever anyone has done if the Labour Party has been voted in in an election they are cleansed of all their sins. That he’s guilty of.

Now they say this is not the heart of the Labour Party. They can pretend that to themselves. But the rot is set. And now it’s there for all to see.