What exactly does yesterday’s holy trinity picture represent?

It represents all that Malta doesn’t need at this very sensitive time in its political history.

Robert Abela wasn’t joking when he referred to the ‘Patt Imxajtan’ (Demonic Pact) which he vowed not to join.

Trouble is that the pacts that the devil draws up with us mortals come in many shapes, sizes, colours and forms. Robert Abela wrote three pages of regurgitated rubbish which obviously brought his reader to tears amidst whimpers of ‘kemm hu bravu, kemm hu onest da’ Robert’ to themselves as they struggled to keep up with the appreciation of the intensity of the calling, which Robert, tried desperately, to convey.

So painful was my experience of registering what he wrote and what he was on about, that I’d started to doubt if the guy was serious or whether he might have had some hilarious dream, the previous night, featuring God Himself clad in white robe and sandals, saying ‘ Robert, Qum. Waslet is-siegħa biex tmexxi l-pajjiżek. Lest terfa’ dan il-piż?”

Rob, wake up mate. Focus on the serious stuff. The government administration which you were head legal counsel to, is involved up to its eyeballs, in a conspiracy to murder. Apart from that your Prime Minister, remember?, the one you advised on a daily basis? about anything and everything?, is also implicated together with Keith Schembri in a multitude of shady deals, which they have done their utmost to conceal from public knowledge, possibly with the help of your sound legal advice.

We’re not expecting you to tell us all of Joe’s and Keith’s secrets, Robert but, hey, you were disgusted by the Patt Imxajtan a couple of days ago, because you didn’t want to associate yourself with those within the Labour ranks you consider to be evil. Please explain how you plan to stay out of this pact if you are elected leader, Rob? Huh go on!….how? Do tell. You will be surrounded by exactly the same people in a months’ time as Chris Fearne is endorsed by today. There is no general election, Robert. Your members of parliament are there for another two years plus. So what are you on about? Who do you think you’re fooling? Your Patt Imxajtan, Rob, in case you haven’t realised, is identical to that of Chris Fearne.

What happened yesterday and the way the two leadership contenders dealt with, handled and generally glorified Joseph Muscat and his wife Michelle, clearly shows that this is the real Patt Imxajtan. It shows contempt for the honest, straight thinking, people in our society.

It wasn’t a Bye and Thank You to the country’s most corrupt and criminally implicated Prime Minister in our history. You should never have been there and let Joe and Michelle gloat in their delusional thought that this is some kind of grand exit from politics. You both should have stayed home or went about your business promoting your leadership bids.

Yesterday’s Holy Trinity amounts to a pact to appease, aid and abet evil. You are ensuring the subsistence, till the very last click, of the smallest cog wheel, in the machinations that Keith and Joseph engineered, to screw this country  and to plot and cover up the murder of the journalist who uncovered it.