My friends and I are receiving all sorts of messages and threats, some privately and some publicly now. We’re being invited to cut our veins. And they don’t even ask nicely. You can switch your mind off to things people say on Facebook for some time. It becomes a bit harder when people shout at you in the street in broad daylight. That’s tough to explain to your children.

You would find these are the same people expressing shock and anger because they say we’re trying to spoil the Istrina fund raising campaign. No civil society organisation I’m aware of actually said a word about l-Istrina. On TV, I actually went ahead and said I told no one to boycott l-Istrina. But all of a sudden we’re these Grinches out to scupper charity.

These people who call us whores or traitors and urge us to kill ourselves are saying so because they think they’re giving the nation a service in doing so. They’re only working on the brief given to them by the Labour Party media which in their minds is the voice of national interest.

One TV yesterday had a picture of me under the headline that on Friday protesters were insulting paralympians. 

Needless to say this is complete falsehood. But hey if I’m evil enough to protest against Joseph il-Kink, then surely I must be evil enough to protest against everything that’s pure and good in the world, like paralympians.

What does a monster like me deserve then?