Look at Neville Gafà bashing Evarist Bartolo for not singing with the chorus of praise for Joseph Muscat’s mafia state.

This post is not an episode of partisan glee seeing two Laburisti quarrel. I do not play into the myth of ‘unity’ and ‘division’ in political parties. I disapprove of cultism which necessarily means I approve of disagreement and this is not what this is.

This is the mafia bullying its opponents and the mafia doesn’t draw the line at party loyalty.

Chris Fearne keeps saying he feels “betrayed by what happened”. The more this is repeated the more this line becomes a betrayal in and of itself.

Betrayal happens when there’s disloyalty. If Keith Schembri passed secret party memos to Adrian Delia, Chris Fearne would be right to feel betrayed because Keith Schembri would have been disloyal to their party. If Keith Schembri passed secret state memos to some Libyan warlord, Chris Fearne would be right to feel betrayed because Keith Schembri would have been disloyal to his country.

Chris Fearne is not saying why he feels betrayed but since he’s not some jilted wife the coyness is unjustified. Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi used political power for personal profit. Keith Schembri at least helped cover up the murder committed to cover up that profit. Maybe he did worse than that. That’s not betrayal, that’s a crime.

Neville Gafà is a standing member of this criminal conspiracy.

When we say that Keith Schembri should be investigated for breaching official secrets some people think we’re being petty and making a school yard complaint. Breaching official secrets is a terrible offence and an act of grave corruption. Writing in Victorian England about a blackmailed politician, Oscar Wilde wrote in An Ideal Husband about a minister’s secretary who made money from investing stock using an official secret he was aware of.

We know Keith Schembri used official secrets to brief Yorgen Fenech, wanted for capital murder. What would Keith Schembri do with security briefings on Libya, given his business interests there? What would he do with briefings on oil smuggling? What would he have Neville Gafà do for him in Libya with that information?

Can you begin to imagine the security risks to this nation of having Keith Schembri receiving official secrets?

Officially he isn’t any more. But that’s not stopping Neville Gafà from delivering official secrets to him?

And he’s not going to let Evarist Bartolo or anyone else stopping him raking in the money.