An intrinsic element of a murder plot is finding ways of pinning it on someone else. Chris Cardona has publicly claimed he is being framed by the real assassins. He seems to believe Keith Schembri has tried to get Yorgen Fenech to pin the murder on him.

But there’s a far unlikelier victim of a frame-up. To proclaim their own innocence, the assassins — Malta’s very own government — sought to slander Daphne’s son Matthew with the murder of his own mother. Remember this is not the initiative of some lone and crazy mongoose. This came from officials working right next to Keith Schembri and Joseph Muscat, it is reasonable to presume on their instructions.

Those desperate at the fall of the regime are still at it. They would still prefer to believe they weren’t lied to. They still would rather believe they judged Joseph Muscat’s character correctly. They still would rather believe their hero is a victim than to believe that he presided over a regime that committed murder.

This is the biggest lie in Maltese political history: the suggestion that Daphne was killed in order to make Joseph Muscat’s government look bad. The truth is Daphne was killed because she made Joseph Muscat’s government look bad.

An element of the enormous responsibility Joseph Muscat needs to carry is his willingness to lead his own supporters to pin this murder on its second greatest victim: Daphne’s own eldest son.

I publish these images in spite of the pain I know they cause. But the people who write this stuff must one day come to terms with their own lack of humanity. How they replaced their basic decency with loyalty to murderers.