Castille has been briefing journalists that Joseph Muscat will give notice of his intention to step down by mid-January. That does not cut it. We will continue our protests at least until he leaves. Now that we have learnt the truth we are not going to stop fighting and let justice be taken from us.

Joseph Muscat is not entitled to dictate terms of his departure. He is not retiring and handing over the reins like Moses on the outskirts of the promised land. Joseph Muscat is resigning in disgrace outed to his own supporters for perpetrating the biggest lie of our political history. He is resigning so that the rest of the country may seek to scour our own government from the mafia that he let in and oversaw.

If the police want to arrest you, you don’t tell them you’ll make yourself available after Christmas because you don’t want to spoil the ongoing party.

If we are going to start to tell the world that crooks no longer rule over us, the crooks have to leave now, preferably walking down the steps of Castille his wrists covered by a jacket and two masked policemen holding him by each arm.

But what concerns me almost as much as the fear of his flight and that of his accomplices, is his continued to opportunity to bury the evidence: what the Italians call insabbiamento. What worries me now is his servers of and God only knows what other secret email accounts he used. What worries me now is the evidence Keith Schembri left at his house the night before his arrest.

Right now the police need and an inquiring magistrate should be stepping in to preserve evidence.

Do we really need Repubblika to show up our proper institutions and file for a magisterial inquiry into a criminal cover up? We will if we have to.

Do we really need some other smart sniffer dog to bring you properly down.

The Labour Party must be hoping to recover from this. It’s not about their chances of winning the next election, all things being equal they are bound to do so. But surely they must see that a new republic will need to dawn and that won’t be a republic in which people will throng in support of crooks or people who covered up for them.

To start acquiring any new credibility politicians of all shades have the very last opportunity to distance themselves emphatically from the corruption they have propped up.

And to start acquiring a measure of respect institutions — prominently the police — must stop doing their masters’ bidding and snap into action.

Joseph Muscat has lied to all of us. He especially lied to his ministers and colleagues. Remove him today. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not next January. Today.

Tomorrow join us at the protest.