This is how you greet a disgraced former prime minister who won’t leave his office for fear of handcuffs.

Now Joseph Muscat, just go. Everyone is telling you to. Lawyers, Pharmacists, taxmen, journalists of all shades including your former fans, militants of your own party. Everyone except the last remaining yes men you hired to surround you and keep you warm. Go and take them with you and leave a forwarding number so the police know where to find you.

You are a disgrace to yourself and to your party. It would be your problem except that you’re a disgrace to your country and you have shamed us in the eyes of the world. Journalists and politicians from across Europe are now openly asking if Malta is a viable member state of the EU. You have turned us into a pariah of the international community and only because of greed and corruption.

Eggs and carrots are flattery. Your departure from it will be your first good deed in office. But do it now. Before the sun’s down.