Leave the children out of it

2020-01-22T14:08:46+01:00Wed, 22nd Jan '20, 14:07|

I let some time pass before I commented on Robert Abela’s appearance on TVM with his family. The first reason was to avoid even the impression this was some “attack moqżież u faħxi fuq it-tifla tal-prim ministru”. This is not what this post is about at all. Why do politicians present themselves in photos and [...]

That city on the hill

2020-01-22T09:13:08+01:00Wed, 22nd Jan '20, 09:13|

We have converted a reality into a dream, reversed the realisation of our ambitions, stepped further from our own home. We allowed the golden calf of money to distract us from the truth we used to long for until we forgot to care anymore. The Economist Intelligence Unit no longer thinks we are a democracy [...]

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