If Muscat knows who else got expensive watches and is keeping it secret, add another crime to his indictment

2020-01-07T17:05:38+01:00Tue, 7th Jan '20, 17:05|

Joseph Muscat's defence, such as he seems to believe it is, that he wasn't the only one to get expensive limited edition fuck-off white gold watches from Yorgen Fenech is no defence at all. 'Yes your honour I killed many Jews, but everyone was doing it those days'. Even in Nuremberg they were too embarrassed [...]

Of course it’s our business

2020-01-07T19:24:34+01:00Tue, 7th Jan '20, 15:16|

Joseph Muscat is looking forward to being left the fuck alone. He fully expects to become "a private person" after he retires graduating from the current bother of even having to dodge annoying questions. The questions should no longer be coming his way. There was some of that expectation in his response to questions today [...]

Beyond the basics

2020-01-07T14:32:08+01:00Tue, 7th Jan '20, 14:32|

Read this report in today's Times of Malta of a chat I had with their Sarah Carabott about Repubblika's planned general meeting this Saturday. When we announced the meeting some people -- well Malta Today mostly -- assumed we were getting ready to launch a new political party. That's because we said we wanted to [...]

GUEST POST: Equivalencies denied

2020-01-07T12:17:25+01:00Tue, 7th Jan '20, 12:09|

It is a fundamental of political discourse, especially in a close-minded tribalist society like ours, to justify burying one’s head in the sand (or justifying the antics of your own side, for that matter) by saying that “hey, they’re all the same, didn’t he do what you’re criticising the other guy for?” Many of the [...]

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