Fraudulent balloting (4)

2020-01-06T14:07:16+01:00Mon, 6th Jan '20, 14:07|

Just because an internal PN election in 2004 made the providentially correct choice of Lawrence Gonzi over John Dalli, it does not mean that we have to continue to live dangerously hoping card-carrying party fans choose sensibly who should be prime minister. And the Labour Party of 2020 is a million miles away from the [...]

Fraudulent balloting (3)

2020-01-06T14:02:11+01:00Mon, 6th Jan '20, 14:02|

If we were to apply the unverifiable doubts in an internal party election and try to fit them in national elections which we fully expect to be reliable, we might get a hint of the risks we’re playing with. Imagine how life would be if a political party beat the other by 2,000 votes at [...]

Fraudulent balloting (2)

2020-01-06T14:28:06+01:00Mon, 6th Jan '20, 13:55|

Labour supporters are getting to choose the next prime minister of Malta. But ‘prime minister’ is a serious understatement as a description of the role. There’s also the annoying detail that our prime minister – whoever happens to be holding that office – is effectively an elected absolute monarch, a bit like a pope. He [...]

Fraudulent balloting (1)

2020-01-06T13:48:35+01:00Mon, 6th Jan '20, 13:48|

  Allegations of fraud in internal party elections have become habitual. It is frightening that this can happen. Although party elections are theoretically internal to the party itself, it’s clear that the implication is national. Therefore fraud in party electoral processes is cheating the entire country of the correct outcome of an election. Think of [...]


2020-01-06T08:30:35+01:00Mon, 6th Jan '20, 08:30|

Bella Ciao is an Italian ‘canto popolare’. It tells the story of a ‘partigiano’ who offered his life, not exclusively in times of war, for his country’s freedom or liberation. In years, it developed into a protest call against forms of dictatorship and oppression. It was revived when Italy was struggling to overwhelm fascism. This ‘canto [...]

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